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Francisco Baiocchi

PR Researcher


Taipei, Taiwan


10 years

About Me

Francisco Baiocchi is a Digital Marketing Researcher at Resume Genius, where he conducts data-driven research on trending topics to ensure that our content is consistently valuable for our international audience of job seekers. He also supports communications with the journalists who frequently seek out our authoritative career advice. Francisco holds a Bachelor’s in Biochemical Pharmacology from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He brings 9 years of prior experience as a market research and public / investor relations professional in the medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as experience as an editor and international multimedia journalist.



  • Served as the executive speechwriter for several multinational corporations and NGOs, including This Can Happen, a leading mental health charity in the UK
  • Co-developed a research mobile app to collect user-data on pollution on the Azores islands and track power blackouts in Accra, Ghana
  • Led the research design for Operation Change, a participatory public health intervention based in Chicago to address racial and gender-based disparities in musculoskeletal health
  • Received the Eagle Award for outstanding achievement as a volunteer coordinator and fundraiser for the New York Presbyterian Department of Oncology


Francisco’s favorite template

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general thoughts

I prefer a thoughtful design that is clearly laid out, isn’t over-busy, and is overall quite easy on the eyes.

favorite points

  • Elegant and subdued header with a classy, uncomplicated font
  • The sidebar addresses a needed boilerplate that’ll be scanned by recruitment AI, while leaving plenty of room for a detailed work experience section
  • Career objective section allows applicants to establish a clear narrative
  • I appreciate bold colors without a gradient, as I’m one of the nearly 5% of the population who have color vision deficiency
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Francisco Baiocchi

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