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Resume Genius and the accompanying resources were designed with one goal only; to be the web’s #1 resource for resume writers, job seekers and the unemployed. With an ever-expanding database of simple and easy to use job hunting guides, tips and how-to’s, RG has become the first stop for job seekers throughout the world, our proof is in our writing and in our credentials.

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Describing the process of writing a resume in a simple way is a reflection of the company and its appreciation for simple and pragmatic solutions to everyday problems. Our motto when writing our resources is simple:

If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.     -Albert Einstein


RG was founded in 2009 with the idea that resume writing could be simplified and explained in a much clearer and efficient way than it had been previously. With this small idea an entire software platform was developed, and has since helped hundreds of thousands of people create their applications. In addition to software, RG has undertaken the task of providing instructive, educational resources to those seeking employment aid.

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Students, schools, libraries and organizations all over the world have made use of the professional guides provided here at Resume Genius.


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RG only employs the best of the best within the employment sphere to contribute, create and edit the plethora of resume resources found throughout the website. Our authors have been featured in many reputable news sites, making contributions regarding job applications, interviews and job-hunting strategy. Some of the more notable outlets include:

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