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Chloe Chioy

Social Media Lead & PR Specialist


Taipei, Taiwan


3 years

About Me

Chloe Chioy is a PR Specialist and the Social Media Lead at Resume Genius. Her job insights and articles have been featured on top career platforms, blogs, and media outlets, including Zapier, Software Suggest, VolunteerHub, Fast Company, Her Campus, and the BBC.

Chloe graduated with a BA in Journalism from the University of Sheffield - ranked first in the UK for Journalism - and holds a National Qualification in Journalism from the NCTJ.

When she isn’t creating viral content, collaborating with career-industry experts, or crafting articles for job seekers, you can find her in the mid-lane of Summoner’s Rift.

For any media-related queries, connect with her via Linkedin or reach her at chloe@ resumegenius.com.



  • Create content for and manage all social media accounts - increasing impressions across all platforms by >4000% upon one month of onboarding
  • Starred in and wrote the script for the most viewed Resume Genius YouTube video
  • Started a 1000+ comments LinkedIn discussion after writing for Zapier about why job hopping can be a green light in today’s society (the article was then picked up by Fast Company and Tribune Content Agency)


We’re still figuring out which one of us puts the “Genius” in “Resume Genius.” Don’t tell anyone, but I think it’s me.

Chloe’s favorite template

Simple Resume Template


general thoughts

The Elegant template is my favorite because it reminds me of Michelin-star restaurant menus (and who doesn’t want to read that?).

favorite points

  • The strokes of color gently guide your eyes along the major points while retaining a professional look
  • The center alignment cleverly masks white space by allowing a mix of short titles and longer bullet points
  • The strategic mix of formatting and comfort colors is a wonderful choice for nearly all professions
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