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Aaron Case, CPRW

Content Specialist & Resume Expert (CPRW)


Taipei, Taiwan


8 years

About Me

Aaron Case is a Content Specialist & Certified Resume Expert (CPRW) at Resume Genius. Job seekers around the world have landed fulfilling work thanks to Aaron’s thoughtful career advice, which has been showcased in publications like MSN, CareerAddict, Ladders, Best Colleges, Ivy Exec, Capitalism.com, and vidIQ.

A native New Yorker who’s spent the past decade in Taiwan, Aaron has a BS in English & Communications from Liberty University bolstered by a professional credential from UC Berkeley. He’s collected practical experience while following various career paths, and he enjoys sharing the resulting insights with everyone.



  • Consistently leads his team in volume of content produced
  • Wrote copy that helped his company win multiple product design awards
  • Co-founded a successful translation company
  • Penned a sports article that made a New York Yankees player emotional


Aaron’s favorite template

White House Resume Template, Black

Simple Resume Template

White House

general thoughts

I like the White House resume template because it’s simple and easy to read but still unique enough to get the attention of discerning employers.

favorite points

  • A bold color box at the top helps your name stand out
  • The section headers in a column on the left make finding relevant information easy
  • Bolded and italicized heading text create a clear structure
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Featured article written by Aaron

A featured image with cartoon books and tools to illustrate college and vocational training statistics

32+ Statistics About Vocational Training & College in 2023

College degrees require investments of time and money that many people lack. But college isn’t the only option. Data shows that vocational school and other university alternatives also lead to fulfilling jobs.

Content reviewed by Aaron Case, CPRW

Letter of application example on a tablet
A CV and a resume placed side by side to visually compare and contrast them, set against a gray background.
cover letter writing services hero
A graphic displaying a basic resume template with a thumbs up on either side, set against a teal background.
An image showing two people in an interview, with the candidate answering a behavioral interview question
A resume for beginners on a template with a green header written by an applicant for an entry-level graphic design role.
Resume for Beginners

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Example of a system administrator cover letter.
Two-column labor and delivery nurse resume example that features a bold green header.
A properly formatted supply chain manager resume sample on a template with a red header
Supply Chain Manager Resume

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Operating room nurse resume example with dark blue header
Operating Room Nurse Resume

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An accounting assistant resume sample with a dark blue header and sections for the applicant’s summary, professional experience, education, and additional skills.
Accounting Assistant Resume

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A bar manager resume sample with a black bar for the applicant's name at the top followed by contact information, a resume summary, professional experience, education, and additional skills
Bar Manager Resume

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