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Conrad Benz

Content Manager


Taipei, Taiwan


6 years

About Me

Conrad Benz is a Content Manager at Resume Genius. With 5+ years of experience as a career services professional, Conrad is passionate about helping people navigate the job search process and find fulfilling work.

You can find Conrad’s career insights in publications like Typsy, Resume Library, CompTIA, and more.

Conrad graduated with a B.A. in International Relations from Goucher College in Maryland and currently lives in Taipei, Taiwan, where he helps ensure every article on Resume Genius provides job seekers with the information they need to succeed.

If you want to reach Conrad for a quote or media-related inquiry, you can contact him at [conrad] @ [resumegenius.com].



  • Provide hundreds of job seekers with actionable advice and tips
  • Have had my resume writing advice quoted in numerous national publications

Conrad’s favorite template

The Empire State basic resume template in turquoise, which uses subtle horizontal and vertical lines to distinguish sections

Simple Resume Template

Empire State

general thoughts

When it comes to your job application, you can't go wrong with simplicity, and it doesn't get simpler than our Empire State template.

favorite points

  • Clean, professional header
  • Layout is space-efficient, allowing you to fit more information
  • Work experience is the most emphasized section (which is what I care most about)
  • Overall design is formal enough for any job, but not boring
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