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Eva Chan, CPRW

Career Advisor & Senior Digital PR Writer (CPRW)


Taipei, Taiwan


6 years

About Me

Eva Chan is a Senior Digital PR Writer and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) at Resume Genius. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Eva started a new chapter in Taipei, Taiwan. There, she dedicates her workdays to inspiring and guiding a range of professionals from different backgrounds.

Eva graduated from the University of British Columbia with a bachelor’s degree in English. Eva's insights and career advice have earned recognition from leading platforms including CNBC, The Globe and Mail, Forbes, Newsweek, and U.S. News & World Report.

For any media-related queries or for a future quote, you can reach her at [eva] @ [resumegenius.com] or connect with her via LinkedIn. Please note that we don’t accept any guest posts.



  • Represented Resume Genius as the scriptwriter and spokesperson in 15+ YouTube videos, leading to a boost in brand visibility and collaborative partnerships
  • Successfully led a series of internal workshop surveys and presentations on improving communication and productivity, bolstering team efficiency and engagement
  • Initiated unique traditions like “Color Coordinated Days” and “Pink Wednesdays” to inject a dose of fun into the workplace environment


"Invest in yourself." - Warren Buffett

Eva’s favorite template

Pantheon professional resume template, yellow

Professional Resume Template


general thoughts

I'm a fan of the Pantheon resume template for its visually striking design, subtle colors, and readability.

favorite points

  • Instantly grab attention with a vibrant three-colored design
  • Spotlight your resume introduction using a unique gray background, like a compelling story's headline
  • Ensure professionalism with the modern Roboto font
  • Make your career journey easy to navigate with an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly resume layout
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Featured article written by Eva

Two US tech employees taking their belongings out of the office because they've been laid off while walking next to a computer monitor that displays eight tech giants that have done mass layoffs in 2022

285,000+ US Tech Layoffs Define the Start of 2024

The US tech bubble has burst and thousands of employees are now out of work. We've compiled every affected company's public data reports and created a heat map, visuals, and key insights to help you learn about the current situation.

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Cartoon image of a HR woman with a megaphone announcing her company is hiring
HR Statistics for 2024
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Geoffrey Scott, CPRW

A veterinary assistant resume on a template that is separated into four sections including a resume objective at the top, followed by the applicant’s professional work experience, education, and additional skills
Veterinary Assistant Resume

The Resume Genius Team

Graphic depicting a job seeker looking through job listings to find a good match.
Cartoon image of a diverse set of workers
A man wearing a dress shirt, tie, and black pants is looking at resume statistics and graphs
A young woman climbs up a mountain on a sunny day and excitedly learns she is receiving a pay raise
An example of a cover letter for an office assistant on a simple black and white template
Office Assistant Cover Letter

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A young woman uses her smart phone to look at job updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, X and Instagram
A process engineer resume sample with orange and black text, and information presented chronologically
Process Engineer Resume

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A dietary aide resume sample with a red and white resume header, an objective, as well as professional experience, education and additional skills sections
Dietary Aide Resume Example

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A dance teacher resume example with a green title, an objective, as well as professional experience, education and additional skills sections
Dance Teacher Resume Example

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A mentor resume example with a blue header and a resume summary, professional experience, education details, and additional skills
Mentor Resume Examples

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