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Ida Pettersson

Career Coach and Resume Expert


Taipei, Taiwan


2 years

About Me

Committed to empowering job seekers of all experience levels to take the next step in their careers, Ida helps professionals navigate the job hunt from start to finish.

After graduating from New College of Florida with a B.A. in Philosophy and Chinese Language and Culture, Ida moved to Hong Kong to begin her own career journey and finally settled in Taiwan. Her insights on resume writing, interview strategies, and career development have been featured on websites such as, Digital Marketer, and SheCanCode.



  • Wrote and edited 100+ articles for the Resume Genius blog
  • Created 5+ scripts for our YouTube channel
  • Regularly asked by reputable platforms across the internet to provide career advice to their audience
  • Co-founded the Resume Genius running club

“We evolve beyond the person that we were a minute before. Little by little, we advance with each turn. That’s how a drill works!” — Simon

Ida’s favorite template


Professional Resume Template


general thoughts

This template is my current favorite because of its unique design and visual appeal. It also:

favorite points

  • Comes in several stunning colors
  • Gives you plenty of space to show off your skills
  • Uses a clean, straightforward layout
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Featured article written by Ida

An image of a woman thinking about her job hunt, with an illustration of a magnifying glass hovering over a briefcase behind her

Job Hunting in 2023: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for a new job? Our guide will help you start a job search the right way so you can land the position you want.

Content written by Ida Pettersson

A graphic of a teenager sitting by a sunny window looking up summer jobs for teens on her phone
an image of a man and woman high-fiving after agreeing on resume do's and don'ts
Resume Dos and Don'ts
Ida Pettersson

Ida Pettersson

image of a woman thinking about how to answer the question
A graphic showing a man on his laptop with an interview request email in the background
Two women interviewing a female job applicant
A woman standing in front of some key resume tips such as
A resume template with an orange header sitting on an orange table next to a succulent with unseen window blinds casting diagonal shadows across the table.
16 Resume Design Ideas
Ida Pettersson

Ida Pettersson

A man looking at an empty checklist of what to bring to a job fair
restaurant resume example
Career change resume hero image showing a man training for a new job
Image illustrating the question can a resume be 2 pages?
healthcare resume example

Content reviewed by Ida Pettersson

NICU nurse resume example that features a blue sidebar containing the candidate's name, contact information, education, and skills. The resume summary, work experience, and certifications are featured on the right.
NICU Nurse Resume Example
The Resume Genius Team

The Resume Genius Team

Example of a counselor resume featuring two columns that effectively organize a candidate's resume sections.
Counselor Resume Examples
The Resume Genius Team

The Resume Genius Team

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