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Emily Crowley

Career Advisor & Senior Content Writer


Taipei, Taiwan


4 years

About Me

Emily Crowley loves helping job seekers overcome obstacles to advance their careers.

She graduated from George Mason University with a degree in Foreign Language and Culture and relocated to Taipei shortly after. As a writer and career advisor, she takes a particular interest in empowering young professionals through practical knowledge and advice on topics like resume writing, interviewing, and navigating career changes.

Emily’s career advice has been featured in online publications such as Global Trade Magazine and Parade. For media-related queries, she can be reached at emily [at] resumegenius [dot] com.



  • Researched and wrote career and job search-related articles to help readers navigate job hunting, interviewing, preparing job applications, and more
  • Audited outdated content and optimized it to meet the needs of current searchers
  • Researched and wrote segments for an upcoming newsletter
  • Wrote scripts for and starred in a video series helping teachers write more effective resumes and cover letters

Emily’s favorite template

The Aesthetic modern resume template in turquoise, featuring a colorful gradient header, bolded section headings, and tasteful visual elements

Modern Resume Template


general thoughts

We love a color gradient.

favorite points

  • Sections are organized in neat boxes
  • It feels well-balanced and easy to skim
  • The sans-serif fonts suit a modern aesthetic
  • It’s professional enough to work for a range of industries but definitely leaves an impression
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Featured article written by Emily

resume action verbs on a whiteboard, hero image

200+ Action Verbs & Power Words for Your Resume

One of the biggest resume-writing mistakes is using passive and boring phrases like “responsible for”, “tasked with”, and “handled.”

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Headshot of Ida Pettersson

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