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Taipei, Taiwan


8 years

About Me

Sebastian Morgan is a Careers Coach and Resume Expert for Resume Genius, where he helps job seekers and professionals get the most out of their careers. With over 7 years of experience in business and lifestyle journalism, he's written for a stack of careers-focused publications, including theHRDirector, Employee Benefit News, The Vector Impact, and 360Learning. His expertise includes skill development, interview preparation, and resume and cover letter writing. Born and raised in the UK, Sebastian has since lived, worked, and studied in 4 countries across 2 continents. He speaks 4 languages and has survived job interviews in 3 of them. He's currently based in Taipei, where he also freelances as a travel and culture writer. You can reach him at sebastian [at] resumegenius [dot] com or via LinkedIn.



  • Written for 20+ careers and lifestyle publications
  • Helped thousands of job seekers pursue their passions by creating resume guides, skills guides, and other free careers resources
  • Authored professional profiles and spotlight articles on noteworthy industry professionals across Greater China
  • Co-created an in-depth video guide on job applications and career development for UK professionals

"If you want to make an easy job seem mighty hard, just keep putting off doing it."

Sebastian’s favorite template

The Tech resume template in blue and yellow

Modern Resume Template


general thoughts

There's a wafer-thin line between putting personality into your resume design and distracting the employer with flashy or unprofessional graphics. The "Tech" resume template navigates that slim division with its cleverly unique yet functional design elements.

favorite points

  • Pastel color scheme is memorable, unintrusive, and reader-friendly
  • Bar graphics make skills and competencies easy to skim
  • Clear distinction between headers
  • Lato and Inter fonts are clean, modern, and reader-friendly
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A case manager cover letter example with minimalist sea green header, contact information of the applicant and contact person, and four paragraphs outlining the applicants qualifications, skills, and motivations for applying.
Case Manager Cover Letter
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Sebastian Morgan

A man is looking at his laptop in front of a large example entry level resume with the career objective and education section visible.