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We’ve created this job resources database for you to learn from and consult with during your job hunt. Consider this your one-stop shop for developing and improving your job search skills. Keep this page bookmarked, because we’re always going to be updating our content to keep it fresh, relevant, and helpful.


We have comprehensive guides detailing:

Cover Letters

Cover Letters What should you write in your cover letter? To whom should you address it? How can you write it to differentiate it from your resume? Is writing a cover letter necessary at all? Should you attach references to it?  Learn the science of cover letter writing in this section to add a significant boost to your job search.

Job Search Skills and Strategies

Job Search Skills and StrategiesDo you know how to use LinkedIn, Twitter, and job search engines to search for and apply for jobs? Read this complete job search strategy guide to stay relevant in the modern era. It also covers traditional job search strategies like scanning newspapers, cold calling, and more. A comprehensive job search strategy will get you more interviews.

Interview Skills

interview skills Interview skills are essential to your job search. How should you dress for your interview? What are common interview questions you might hear, and how should you answer them? What are some methods for increasing your confidence before interviewing? Learn all about how to ace your interview and land the job inside.

Thank You Letters

Thank You LettersHow soon should you send thank you letters after an interview? What should you write in it? Is there such thing as “too formal” or “too casual”? Read this section to avoid making unnecessary job search blunders. We’ve got an answer for everything.

Learn New Skills

Learn New Skills This page contains a list of 123 educational websites. It includes online university courses, massive open online courses, and sites that teach computer skills, music, language, and more. Each has been put into its own section in alphabetical order. Improve your chances of getting a job by boosting your skill base. The Internet is a powerful tool for you to use — get started now.

Glossary of Resume Terms

Glossary of Resume Terms This page contains a list of 78 terms commonly used by human resources professionals to describe resume and career related topics. If you’re confused by terminology on this site, just check out this resource. The definitions are simple and easy to understand.

Our goal here at Resume Genius is to provide you with the resources you need to succeed. We do that by:

  1. Creating excellent resume, cover letter and thank you letter guides and providing actionable writing tips
  2. Linking to excellent related content on the web, and ignoring poorly written content. We only want to provide the BEST resources

In addition, if there is a mistake or problem with a sample or resource that we link to, we include a note next to the link indicating the issue you should look out for.

If you also create resume samples, writing guides or other resume resources and feel that you have one that is worth being linked to, feel free to contact us at social[at] Job seekers on the web deserve to have good content served up quickly and efficiently, and not get hoodwinked by suspicious websites looking to make a quick buck.